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A new reference material for high-temperature thermal transport properties – LNE participation in the certification process of Pyroceram 9606

Bruno Hay, Lydia Rongione, Jean-Remy Filtz and Jacques Hameury

Pyroceram 9606 has been distributed since May 2007 by the Institute of Reference Materials and Measurements (IRMM) as certified reference material (BCR-724) for thermal conductivity and thermal diffusivity measurements from room temperature up to 1025 K. LNE participated with ten other partners to the certification of this new reference material in the framework of an European metrology research programme entitled “HTCRM – High Temperature Certified Reference Material”. The objective of this project was to provide direct traceability to thermal conductivity and thermal diffusivity standards for measurement and testing laboratories throughout Europe. The present paper describes the LNE measurements contribution, as well as the apparatus and the measurement methods used. The results are discussed and compared to the final certified values.

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