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Measurement of thermophysical properties of particulate-filled polymer composites
Sok Won Kim, Byeongmin Choi, Sang Hyun Lee and Kweon Ho Kang

In order to apply particulate-filled polymer composites for electronic packaging material characterized by high heat-radiative and low thermal expansion, the thermal diffusivity, specific heat and coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) of SiO2, a -Al2O3, AlN-filled by 40–70 vol% in polymer were measured by laser flash method, DSC (differential scanning calorimeter) and TMA (thermo-mechanical analyzer), respectively. The thermal conductivity was obtained by multiplying the thermal diffusivity and specific heat and density of specimen. From the experimental data, we find that the percolation threshold and percolation exponent are 25% and 1~1.6, respectively. Governed by the rule of mixture with the known CTE values, the effective CTE tends to decrease with increasing volume fraction of the particulates. The measured CTE data is in agreement with the predicted value within approximately ±20%.

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