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Self diffusion in Al-Ni-Ce and Al-Ni-La melts
Axel Griesche, Suresh Mavila Chathoth, Michael-Peter Macht, Günter Frohberg, Marek Koza and Andreas Meyer

Self diffusion of Ni and Ce in Al-Ni-Ce and Al-Ni-La melts has been investigated by quasi-elastic neutron scattering and by the long-capillary technique showing comparable results for both methods. The investigated temperature range reached from the liquidus temperature up to 1795 K. Self diffusion of Ni in Al-Ni-(rare earth element) melts is slower than in binary Al-Ni melts and scales with the amount of the rare earth element. Diffusion coefficients calculated with help of the Stokes-Einstein equation from experimental viscosity data from literature support the diffusion coefficient measurements only in the case of Ce additions. For La additions the calculated diffusion coefficients increase.

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