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Thermophysical properties of solid phase titanium in a wide temperature range
Nenad D. Milošević and Kosta D. Maglić

This paper presents experimental results on thermophysical properties of pure polycrystalline titanium in the temperature range from 250 to 1750 K. Heat capacity and specific electrical resistivity were measured from 250 to 1650 K, thermal diffusivity from 250 to 1400 K, and hemispherical total emissivity from 1100 to 1750 K. Thermal conductivity and Lorenz function were computed from experimental data in the range from 250 to 1400 K. For necessary corrections literature data on thermal linear expansion have been used. The subsecond pulse calorimetry has been used in measuring heat capacity, specific electrical resistivity, and hemispherical total emissivity, and the laser flash method for measuring thermal diffusivity. The former used specimens have the shape of a thin rod 2mm in diameter and 200mm in length, and the later a thin disk, 1mm thick and 10mm in diameter. Measurement uncertainties for respective methods are 2 to 4.5% for heat capacity, 2 to 9% for specific electrical resistivity, 6 to 7% for hemispherical total emissivity, and from 1 to 6% for thermal diffusivity. The obtained results are compared with available literature values and discussed.

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