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Selected thermophysical properties of Hf-3%Zr from 2200K to 3500K obtained by a fast pulse-heating technique
Claus Cagran, Thomas Hüpf, Boris Wilthan and Gernot Pottlacher

Wire shaped samples of commercially available Hf-3%Zr are resistively volume heated as part of a fast capacitor discharge circuit. Time resolved electrical measurements with sub-μs resolution include the current through and the voltage drop across the specimen. Surface radiance from the sample (to measure the temperature) is detected by pyrometers and the thermal expansion of the sample is monitored by means of a custom-made fast CCD-camera. Based on these measured quantities, temperature-dependent thermophysical properties such as enthalpy, isobaric heat capacity, electrical resistivity and thermal expansion are deduced. Further properties such as thermal conductivity/diffusivity are calculated using the Wiedemann Franz law. This work presents a set of thermophysical data for Hf-3%Zr in the solid and the liquid states, an uncertainty statement, as well as a comparison of the obtained results to existing literature values.

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