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Electrical resistivity of high temperature metallic melts – Hf-3%Zr, Re, Fe, Co, and Ni
Thomas Hüpf, Claus Cagran, Georg Lohöfer and Gernot Pottlacher

Electrical Resistivity Measurement of High Temperature Metallic Melts is an Austrian Space Applications Programme (ASAP) project, sponsored by the FFG. The project’s main intent is the refinement of electrical resistivity data via a comparison between two very different experiments: fast pulse-heating and electromagnetic levitation. The latter is planed to be carried out under μg-conditions at the ISS beginning in 2010. This arrangement comprehends subsecond ohmic versus quasistatic inductive heating and ground-based versus space-flight facility. This paper gives a general survey of the project’s approaches and present results of the pulse-heating experiment for Hf-3%Zr, Re, Fe, Co, and Ni with respect to enthalpy, resistivity and volume-expansion up into the liquid phase.

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