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Predicting gas transport properties of light hydrocarbon mixtures as candidates for new refrigerants
Jalil Moghadasi, Delara Mohammad-Aghaie, Mohammad Mehdi Papari, and Mohammad Ali Faghihi

The purpose of this paper is to extract information about intermolecular unlike pair interaction potential energies of mixtures of light hydrocarbons by the usage of inversion method and then predict the dilute gas transport properties of them. The components of studied mixtures are methane, ethane, propane and butane. Using the inverted pair potential energies, the Chapman-Enskog scheme is employed to calculate transport properties of aforementioned systems excluding thermal conductivity. The calculation of thermal conductivity using inverted pair potential energies through Schreiber’s scheme is also discussed. In the temperature range 200K

Keywords: Alkanes, diffusion, inversion method, kinetic theory of gases, unlike pair potential energy, thermal conductivity, transport properties, viscosity.

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