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Pressure effect on electrical resistivity of Bi-Sb alloys
V. Shubha, Soma Dutta and T. G. Ramesh

The effect of quasi-hydrostatic pressure up to 2000 MPa on the temperature dependence of the electrical resistance is investigated in polycrystalline bismuth antimony (Bi-Sb) alloys containing 10, 12 and 15 at.% antimony. The results obtained indicate semimetallic phase under pressure for the alloys with antimony content of 10 and 15 at.%. The alloy with 12 at.% antimony changes its phase from semiconducting to semimetallic (SC → SM) under pressure. These pressure induced electronic transitions from SC → SM are due to basic changes in the energy spectrum occurring with the disappearance of electron and hole constant energy surfaces.

Keywords: semiconductor, semimetal, electronic transport, electronic band structure, high pressure.

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