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Applicability of integral form of equation of state under high temperature
Jeewan Chandra, Deepika Kandpal and B. R. K. Gupta

The study based on the equation of state at high pressure and high temperature is of fundamental interest because they permit interpolation and extrapolation in to the regions in which the experimental data are not available adequately.We investigate the thermo-elastic properties such as volume thermal expansion, thermal expansivity and bulk modulus of different kind of solids. These properties were calculated using the integral form of equation of state (IFEOS) proposed by Singh and Gupta assuming the fact that the Anderson Grunesien parameter is not a temperature independent parameter but strongly depend on temperature. The values of volume thermal expansion (V/V0), expansivity (αT ) and bulk modulus (KT ) as determined in the present study are in close agreement with the available experimental data.

Keywords: Thermal expansion, equation of state, bulk modulus. PACS No.:64.10.+h; 64.30.+t, 62.20.-x.

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