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Heat conduction models for the transient hot wire technique
Mohamed B. H. Sassi, Carlos A. C. Dos Santos, Zaqueu E. Da Silva, Jose M. Gurgel and Jose P. A. Junior

In the first part of this paper, we present a transient model of radial heat conduction in infinitely large media to model the hot-wire technique. Pulse and a Heaviside heat sources are investigated. The general instantaneous solution is generated using Green’s functions and is computed with a hybrid method. Thus, the estimation of the thermal properties is possible using a fitting routine or using the concept of maximum temperature rising at any point of the media. In the second part, a model including three temperature measurements is set to determine the diffusivity with a fitting procedure and an existing inverse scheme is improved to determine the conductivity.

Keywords: Heat conduction, thermal properties, hot wire technique, parameters estimation, inverse scheme, thermal diffusivity, thermal conductivity.

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