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Diffusion coefficients in multicomponent organic liquid mixture measured by the open ended capillary technique
Quentin Galand, Michel Luhmer and Stefan van Vaerenbergh

All the Fickian diffusion coefficients of an equimolar ternary organic liquid mixture of 1,2,3,4-tetrahydronaphtalene, isobutylbenzene and dodecane have been determined with the open ended capillary technique at 298.1 K. The design and operation of the instrument are described, together with the data processing performed to retrieve the diffusion coefficients from the samples compositions. The compositions are obtained thanks to high resolution Nuclear Magnetic Resonance. Results and fulfillment of the Onsager reciprocal relation are discussed.

Keywords: Mutual diffusion coefficients; hydrocarbons; multicomponent mixtures; Thermodynamic of Irreversible Processes; Onsager reciprocal relations.

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