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Infinite pressure behaviour of products aKT and aKTV along an isotherm
S. K. Srivastava and Pallavi Sinha

We analyzed the behavior of the products of thermal expansivity (α) and isothermal bulk modulus (KT), and the product of these two magnitudes multiplied by volume, for solid materials, along an isotherm. Analysis is based on the existed formulations of volume dependence of the Grüneisen ratio (γ). Expressions of α(V) and KT(V) are also used to understand the nature of aKT and aKTV against volume. The infinite pressure behavior of aKT, KTV and aKT(V) is studied carefully. It is shown that the products aKT, and KTV tend to infinite and αKTV remains finite at zero volume or infinite pressure. The present study demonstrates that the zero volume behavior of aKTV is responsible for zero value of α at infinite pressure.

Keywords: Thermal expansivity, isothermal bulk modulus.

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