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Recent progress in the gas-film levitation as a method for thermophysical properties measurements: application to ZrO2-Al2O3 system
D. Grishchenko and P. Piluso

The gas-film levitation is a technique commonly used for contactless processing and thermophysical properties measurements of oxide and metallic glass-forming melts at elevated temperatures (up to 1650ºC). For the first time, the method has been successfully applied for the levitation of oxide and metallic non-glass forming melts in the temperature range of 1700ºC – 2500ºC. Several subjects are discussed in the paper: (1) the applicability of the gas-film levitation for the sustentation of different materials, (2) methodology of data analysis, (3) uncertainty of thermophysical properties measurements and (4) related theoretical modeling. Finally we provide the results of thermophysical properties measurements of ZrO2-Al2O3 melts of different compositions within the temperature interval from 1700 to 2350ºC.

Keywords: Contactless measurements; gas-film levitation; high-temperature melts; density; surface tension; viscosity; alumina, zirconia.

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