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Thermophysical characteristics of CuMnNi alloys in the temperature range from 1000 K to 1900 K

A. Schmon, H. Reschab, T. Hüpf, J. Rattenberger and G. Pottlacher

Two CuMnNi alloys, both similar to Manganin® in chemical composition, were studied in this work. By means of DTA measurements, the solidus and liquidus temperatures were measured for both alloys. To determine thermal volumetric expansion, specific electrical resistivity and specific enthalpy in the temperature range from 1000 K to 1900 K, the fast ohmic pulse-heating technique was used, where a wire shaped specimen is heated up into the liquid phase by passing a large current pulse through the sample. Additionally, chemical analyses of both investigated alloys were made to identify the difference in their chemical compositions. A comparison of the measured data sets, showing that thermophysical properties for the investigated alloys differ, will be presented within this work.

Keywords: alloy; high temperatures; liquid state; manganin®; CuMnNi; thermophysical properties.

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