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Melting of carbides by electrical pulse heating
A. M. Knyazkov, S. D. Kurbakov, A. I. Savvatimskiy, M. A. Sheindlin and V. I. Yanchuk

Resistivity (ρ) of ZrC and TaC versus enthalpy is measured by pulse electrical heating. It is shown that the slope of resistivity dependence on enthalpy is changing at the melting point. Experimental data on resistivity, enthalpy at the melting point and heat of fusion obtained for ZrC in the vicinity of its melting point are in a good agreement with literature data. Estimated uncertainty in resistivity amounts to 4% and in enthalpy to 6%. Preliminary experimental data are obtained for TaC in the vicinity of its melting point.

Keywords: pulse heating, carbides.

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