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With the first issue of volume 41, the fifth under the new editorship, the publishers and editors of High Temperatures – High Pressures are proud to announce a change in publishing frequency. Starting with this volume, HTHP will publish 6 issues per volume, corresponding to a bimonthly publishing frequency.

We have taken this decision in order to keep up with the steadily growing number of submitted manuscripts. We are very pleased with this development, as it shows the continuing relevance of the research topic, and, in particular, the successful relaunch of HTHP. On the other hand, it is our goal to provide the science community with quick publication of its results. With the present scheme of four issues per year, this was no longer secured.

This decision is based on the assumption that the present paper flow will remain stable in the future. In this regard, we rely on you, not only as readers, but also as authors.

Let us take the opportunity to address a second important issue. We have been asked by several prospective authors about the impact factor of HTHP. Unfortunately, the relaunch of HTHP is regarded as the start of a new journal rather than the continuation of an existing one. Nevertheless, we have succeeded last year to be listed in SCOPUS. Regarding the Science Citation Index, SCI(R), HTHP is on the watch list for new entries. As you may have seen in a completely different field, rating agencies are nowadays very powerful organizations. From the editorial and publisher’s point of view, we are doing the best we can to re-establish an impact factor for HTHP. In the end, though, it all depends on you, as readers and authors, to submit papers to HTHP and to quote papers published in HTHP. Reviews, even mini-reviews, are believed to be a major attraction to citation, and any proposals for topics would be most welcome.

Finally, we would like to report that the Editorial Board held its regular meeting during the 19th European Conference on Thermophysical Properties, in Thessaloniki, Greece. These meetings have proven to be a useful platform for exchanging ideas between the editorial board members and the publishing house. Specifically, Old City Publishing informed the editorial board that various options regarding backfile accessibility for users are under investigation with Pion, the former publisher of HTHP. We will keep you updated.

Iván Egry, Jean-François Sacadura

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