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Efficient inverse radiation analysis in a participating cylindrical medium
H. Grissa, F. Askri, M. Ben Salah and S. Ben Nasrallah

An inverse analysis is presented for nonaxisymmetric radiative transfer to estimate boundary emissivities and radiative properties in an absorbing, emitting and anisotropically scattering medium confined in cylindrical geometry. The control volume finite element method (CVFEM) is employed to solve the radiative transfer equation in the cylindrical coordinates. The inverse problem is formulated as an optimization problem between the calculated and the experimental data and is solved by the Levenberg Marquardt method (LMM). The measured data are simulated by adding random errors to the exact solution of the direct problem. The effects of initial guesses, measurement error and number of measurement points on the accuracy of the inverse problem are investigated. The results show that the proposed model recovered the desired radiative parameters with a good accuracy, even with input data containing significant measurement errors or poor initial guesses, and the accuracy of the estimation is limited mainly by the number of measurement points. In order to reduce the errors of inverse estimation, the number of measurement errors must be quite reasonable.

Keywords: Inverse radiation, cylindrical geometry, CVFEM.

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