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Corresponding states for dispersive second virial coefficients of alkali metals
M. Sanchooli

Evaluation of dispersive second virial coefficients B’2’s, of potassium metal vapor in whole temperature range of liquid state was carried out. A strong law of corresponding states in terms of reduced dispersive second virial coefficients B’2’s, versus the reduced temperatures, Td * = Td * (T, γf , ρf, Λ), of potassium, rubidium and cesium metals vapor was found, where T is the absolute temperature, γf is surface tension, ρf is liquid density at freezing temperature and Λ is the reduced de Broglie wavelength of the relative motion of two atoms. The reduced de Broglie wavelength Λ, was proposed to bring the highly deviated potassium atom into correspondence with heavy alkali metals. Results showed an excellent correlation in a wide temperature range. It was found that the dispersive second virial coefficients are more affected than the ordinary second virial coefficients by quantum effects.

Keywords: Corresponding states; Alkali metals; de Broglie wavelength; Dipersive second virial coefficients; Quantum effects.

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