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IHCP technique based on Green’s functions and dynamic observers applied to orthogonal cutting
Aline A. A. M. Tostes, Priscila F. B. De Sousa and Gilmar Guimarães

The temperature fields generated in cutting processes is subject of much research. The studies of these thermal fields in machining are very important for the development of new technologies aimed to increase tool life and to reduce production costs. Cutting temperatures have strong influence on both tool life and metallurgical state of machined surfaces. Since direct temperature measurements at the tool-workpiece interface are very complex this work proposes the estimation of heat flux at the tool-worpiece interface using inverse heat conduction problem technique. The aim of the present paper is to develop a three-dimensional inverse algorithm in transient conditions for heat flux and machining temperature estimation. The thermal model is obtained by numerical solution of the transient 3D heat diffusion equation that considers both tool and tool holder assembly. The thermal model is developed using the finite elements method in ANSYS® code with a mesh of 149.150 SOLID70 elements. The inverse solution is performed using the technique based on Green’s functions and dynamic observers. Simulated cases were investigated and presented excellent results.

Keywords: Heat Flux, Machining Processes, Finite Element Method, IHCP, Dynamic Observer, Green’s Function

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