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High pressure properties of some metals using the free-volume theory of Grüneisen parameter
S.S. Kushwah, Y.S. Tomara and M.P. Sharma

We have used high pressure equations of state (EOS) to determine the thermoelastic properties particularly the Grüneisen parameter and its higher order volume derivatives based on the generalized free-volume theory. The calculations have been performed using the Stacey reciprocal K-primed EOS and the Kushwah generalized logarithmic EOS to find the pressure-volume relationships, bulk modulus and its pressure derivatives up to third order for seven metals viz. Ag, Cu, Au, Pt, Al, Ta and W at different values of compression down to V/V0 = 0.5. The results for various thermoelastic parameters show systematic variations with the increase in pressure, and compare well with the values obtained from the Stacey- Davis formulation.

Keywords: Equation of state, Bulk modulus, Grüneisen parameter, Metals, Thermoelastic properties.

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