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Prediction of density of molten metals using equation of state
Fakhri Yousefi and Meysam Kaveh

The present work evaluates the performance of a statistical-mechanical equation of state in predicting density of molten metals. The temperature dependent parameters of the equation of state have been calculated using corresponding states correlation based on the normal boiling point parameters as the scaling constants. It is shown that knowledge of just normal boiling temperature and the liquid density at a normal boiling point are sufficient to predict the equation of state of magnesium, calcium, strontium, barium, bismuth, copper, nickel, iron, lead, tin and aluminum. The average absolute deviation for alkaline earth metals with experimental data are 0.72%. Also the density of alkaline earth metals obtained from the Tao- Mason (TM) equation of state has been compared with those calculated from Moghadasi et al. and Eslami et al. equation of state. Our results are in favor of the preference of the TM EOS over two other equation of state. The overall average absolute deviation that calculated by Moghadasi et al. and Eslami et al. equation of state are 2.03% and 2.35%, respectively. Furthermore the average absolute deviation for bismuth, copper, nickel, iron, lead, tin and aluminum with Assael et al. correlation was 0.56%.

Keywords: Molten Metals, Density, Equation of state, Tao- Mason EOS

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