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The azeotrope line in n-pentane – water system
Suleiman Marasilovich Rasulov and Ilyas Abdulovich Isaev

In constant volume piezometer, the experimental data on P, V, T, x − properties of binary stratifying n-Pentane – water system with the concentrations: 0.11; 0.143; 0.174; 0.203; 0.209 and 0.214 mass % of H2O are obtained within the density ranges from 63 to 611 kg/m3. The phase equilibrium curves of liquid − liquid and liquid − vapor are determined. An azeotrope state is assumed to be defined by a crossing point of these lines. An azeotrope line, finishing in the upper end critical point, is plotted.

Keywords: n-Pentane; phase equilibrium; azeotrope; critical phenomena

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