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Simultaneous estimation of thermal conductivity and volumetric heat capacity of viscous liquids with the line heat source probe via Bayesian inference
Bernard Lamien and Helcio Rangel Barreto Orlande

The transient line heat source probe technique is widely used for the measurement of the thermal conductivity of viscous liquids and granular materials. In this work, we extend such technique for the simultaneous estimation of the thermal conductivity and volumetric heat capacity. A mathematical model that takes into account the probe and the surrounding material is used for the inverse analysis. Since several parameters appearing in the formulation are not deterministicaly known, including the thermal properties of the probe, a technique within the Bayesian framework is used for the solution of the inverse problem. Experimental temperature measurements taken with a sensor located inside the probe are used in the inverse analysis. Results are presented for glycerin and ethylene glycol.

Keywords: Viscous liquids, Thermophysical Properties, Line heat source probe, Bayesian statistics, MCMC method.

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