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Comparative study of the sintering kinetic of alumina by kinetic field of response, master curve and thermokinetic
Roland Neher, Tim Gestrich, Jens Klimke and Mathias Herrmann

The kinetic of sintering of alumina was studied using Kinetic Field of Response, Master Curve and Thermokinetic method. Sintering was modeled by each method and predictions of the density evolution for various temperature- time- profiles including rate controlled sintering were carried out and compared to experiments. Additionally microstructure evolution and the influence of different sintering schedules on the development of microstructure were examined by SEM analysis. The methods proved to properly describe and predict the density evolution during sintering of alumina even for complicated temperature- time- profiles. Thus the methods are an appropriate tool for the optimization of sintering schedules for alumina.

Keywords: Sintering, Kinetic, Alumina, Kinetic Field of Response, Master Sintering Curve, Themokinetic.

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