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Intercomparison of thermal diffusivity measurements on CuCrZr and PMMA
Magnus Rohde, Frank Hemberger, Thomas Bauer, Jürgen Blumm, Thomas Fend, Tobias Häusler, Ulf Hammerschmidt, Wolfgang Hohenauer, Klaus Jaenicke-Rössler, Erhard Kaschnitz, Ewald Pfaff and Gerald Pintsuk

The results of an inter laboratory comparison of thermal diffusivity measurements on two different materials, namely a copper alloy (CuCrZr) and a polymer (PMMA), are presented here. Both materials were selected with respect to their different thermal conductivity, since the copper alloy belongs to the family of good metallic conductors whereas the polymer is characterized by a low thermal conductivity. The measurements of the thermal diffusivity have been performed within a temperature range from RT to 500°C for the copper alloy and from RT to 100°C for the PMMA, respectively.

Keywords: Thermal conductivity, Laser Flash Apparatus, Transient Hot Bridge, Hot Disk

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