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Differential scanning calorimetry modelling to support power plant metrology
Louise Wright, Lindsay Chapman and Angela Dawson

A finite element model has been constructed of a differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) experiment. The model was constructed as a first step towards applying DSC to determine the properties of individual materials within a layered sample. The use of thermal barrier coating systems and similar materials within next generation power plants makes it important to be able to characterise the properties of layered materials at high temperatures, and that aim is supported by the work reported here. The model results have been compared to measurements made on nickel and alumina samples. Various assumptions made during the model building process have been tested for validity and importance. This paper reports the results of the model validation process and suggests further areas of investigation.

Keywords: Differential scanning calorimetry, finite element model, turbine blade, thermal barrier coating, material property measurement, high temperature, superalloys.

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