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Density, thermal expansion and binary diffusion coefficients of sodium-lead melts
Rashid A. Khairulin, Sergei V. Stankus and Rasul N. Abdullaev

The density and the thermal expansion coefficients of liquid sodium and sodium-lead alloys (2.50, 5.00, 7.50, 9.99, 21.03, 30.77, 41.10, 50.00, 63.50 and 70.01 at. % Pb) have been determined by using the γ-ray attenuation technique over the temperature range from the liquidus line to 950 K. The experimental uncertainty of the density measurements is estimated to be within ±0.4%. The coefficients of mutual diffusion for a Na50Pb50 melt have been measured. The data from literature and experiment on the volumetric properties and binary diffusion for the Na-Pb liquid system have been summarised. The composition dependences of molar volume, volumetric thermal expansion coefficient and interdiffusion coefficient in the liquid state have been constructed and discussed.

Keywords: Binary diffusion coefficient, density, melt, sodium-lead alloys, thermal expansion

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