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Measurements of rapid thermal processes in thin films by the ferromagnetic resonator – technique
Alexander A. Semenov, Pavel Yu. Belyavskiy, Andrey A. Nikitin, Antonina I. Dedyk, Yulija V. Pavlova, Ivan l. Mylnikov, Andrey V. Eskov, Oleg V. Pakhomov, Igor V. Baranov and Arkadii V. Sochinskii

Experimental studies of the rapid thermal effect in ferroelectric capacitors demonstrated the efficiency of measurements of the transient temperature variations with a thin-film high-frequency ferromagnetic resonator. The low heat capacity and thermal conductivity of the sensitive element in the form of a thin YIG film make it possible to measure fast thermal processes (time constant ~5 μs) with an accuracy of 10–3 K. The sensitivity of temperature measurements by this method is 10–4 K/kHz. This experimental method is of special importance in temperature measurements on ferroelectric film capacitors because use of micro thermocouples is ruled out in this case.

Keywords: temperature measurement, thin film ferromagnetic resonator, ferroelectric, electrocaloric response

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