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Properties of high-temperature phase diagram and critical point parameters in silica
Igor Iosilevskiy, Victor Gryaznov and Alexander Solovev

Some uncertainties are discussed on the high-temperature phase boundaries and critical point parameters for gas-liquid phase transition in silica (SiO2). The thermal and caloric phase diagrams are compared and examined as being predicted by various theoretical approaches, such as the quasi-chemical representation, the wide-range semi-empirical equation of state and the ionic model under direct molecular dynamic simulation. The theoretical predictions are confronted with handbook recommendations and scanty experimental data on the equilibrium vapor composition over SiO2 boiling. Validity of conventional semi-empirical rules is tested for the theoretically predicted SiO2-phase diagrams. The non-congruence of gasliquid phase transition in SiO2 is considered for this matter to be used as a modeling body to study the non-congruent evaporation in uranium dioxide and other uranium-bearing fuels at both existing and perspective nuclear reactors.

Keywords: Silicon dioxide, equation of state, gas-liquid phase transition, critical point, caloric phase diagram, equilibrium vapor composition

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