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Application of the corresponding states principle for density predictions based on melting point constants
M. Kiani, N. Azizi, R. Behjatmanesh-Ardakani and A.M. Alavianmehr

This paper addresses a method for predicting the participating constants in the Ihm-Song-Mason (ISM) equation of state (EOS) for normal fluids from the enthalpy of fusion and liquid density at freezing point as scaling constants. The corresponding states principle has been used to estimate the second virial coefficient B2 (T). α(T) and b(T), the two other temperature-dependent constants appearing in the equation of state are calculated using scaling rules. The heat of fusion (ΔHfusion) and fusion density (f) are employed to construct a corresponding states correlation for the a fore cited parameters. The ISM EOS has been applied to to predict the volumetric properties of several substances including: noble gases, diatomic molecules, hydrocarbons and aromatics. The outcomes of the computations have been compared with literature data. Results obtained in the present work are in good harmony with those given in the literature.

Keywords: Corresponding States Principle; Equation of State; Second Virial Coefficient; Volumetric Properties

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