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Size and shape dependent thermoelastic properties of nanomaterials
Geeta Sharma and Munish Kumar

A simple theoretical model is developed to study the size and shape dependent thermoelastic properties of nanomaterials. In addition to the size and shape, nanomaterials are very sensitive to the pressure and temperature. We have therefore included the effect of pressure and temperature also. We have selected Ni, Cu, Fe, SnO2 nanomaterials because of the fact that some experimental data are available so that the model predictions can be compared. We have studied the variation of volume and bulk modulus under different conditions of shape, size, pressure and temperature. The results have been compared with the available experimental data. A good agreement between theory and model predictions support the validity of the theory developed. We have also used our model to predict the results in the regions where experimental data are not available. This may help the researchers engaged in the experimental studies of the nanomaterials under varying conditions.

Keywords: Nanomaterial, Bulk modulus, Equation of States, Inverse Hall-Patch Effect

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