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Design of cubic cell assembly for multi-anvil experiments with low thermal gradients in a sample: simple theory and experimental verification
Alexander I. Turkin

This paper presents a simple method for calculating the dimensions of the cell assembly as part of a multi-anvil high-pressure apparatus which minimizes the temperature gradients in the sample. The method was tested for a cubic cell in an experiment to determine the compositions of coexisting enstatite and diopside at 4 GPa and a PtRh30–PtRh6 thermocouple reading of 8 mV (≈1300°C). The average temperature in the Pt-capsule (d = 4 mm, h = 5 mm) estimated at different points from the compositions of adjacent grains of both pyroxenes was 1349(14)°C. In the upper, middle, and lower thirds of the sample, it was 1345(14), 1351(16), and 1352(11)°C, respectively.

Keywords: Multi-anvil apparatus, high pressure, cell assemblage, low thermal gradients.

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