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Temperature brought change of properties in ZnO and alkali doped ZnO nano grains
R. Krithiga, S. Sankar and G. Subhashree

The synthesis of nano grains of ZnO, ZnO doped with Li, Na, K and Li+Na+K carried out by a simple sol-gel auto combustion route is reported here. The effect of annealing in the structural properties is studied using the XRD patterns. The XRD patterns of the samples are used to extract the details regarding the materials that includes lattice parameter, bond length, grain size, volume and u parameter of the hexagonal structure. Apart from these, a deviated approach is adopted based on Williamson and Hall analysis to extract still more information that includes Young’s modulus, stress and energy density by different models. The material properties are found to vary when heated. The morphology of the samples are micro graphed by SEM and TEM. The EDAX analysis shows no impurity.

Keywords: ZnO, Combustion synthesis, X-Ray diffraction, SEM, TEM

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