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Ivan Egry and Jean-Francois Sacadura

First of all, on behalf of the editors and the publishing staff, let us wish you a happy and successful New Year 2015!

As Editors, we continue efforts to support the thermophysics community as best as we can and to maintain and improve the quality of the journal.

2014 marked an important milestone. After restarting publication in 2008, it took six years to be finally included in JCR (Journal Citation Reports) and to obtain an impact factor. Although still rather modest, the mere existence of this number is a breakthrough and has already had an effect on the number and quality of submissions.

In 2014 we took some further steps to improve our services.

Old City Publishing, our publisher, has updated the journal’s website at As part of this reconstruction, the full text of all previous issues of HTHP, starting from volume 1, will become available to our users.

In addition, we have reorganized the editorial board. We believe that a static editorial board is not compatible with evolving research topics. In order to keep up with the changes in the interest of the thermophysics community, we have therefore invited some younger colleagues to join. We are thankful to those who have accepted.

Ceterum censeo …:

We would like gently to remind authors to follow the notes for contributors closely. They can be found at: about/submissions#authorGuidelines. If you submit your manuscript as TEX-files, style and layout are automatically taken care of by the corresponding style-files. For submissions in Word format (*.doc or *.docx), formatting of headings and in particular, of the list of references, according to journal style needs to be done by authors manually. Manuscripts not conforming to these rules will have to be sent back to authors for revision. Regardless of the scientific quality of the paper, non-compliance with the notes can lead to unnecessary delays in publication.

We look forward to receiving and publishing high-quality thermophysical property research papers.

Once again, a happy and prosperous New Year to you all!

Ivan Egry, Jean-Francois Sacadura

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