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Thermodynamic behavior of liquid alkali metals from equation of state: Application to pure and mixture
Fakhri Yousefi and Raziyeh Mohamadpoor

A statistical mechanical equation of state recommended to predicting the volumetric behavior of pure and mixture of liquid alkali metals at different temperatures, pressures, and compositions. The temperature dependent parameters of the equation of state have been calculated using corresponding states correlation based on the density and surface tension at room temperature as the scaling constants. It is shown that the knowledge of just surface tension and the liquid density at room temperature are sufficient to predict the thermodynamic properties of pure and mixture of liquid alkali metals in different conditions. The obtained results of modified Tao-Mason equation of state have good agreement with the literatures. The absolute average deviations of pure liquid alkali metals and their alloys in different temperatures and pressures are 0.35% and 1.20%, respectively.

Keywords: Alkali metals, Volumetric properties, Equation of state, Second virial coefficient.

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