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ISM equation of state and PVT properties of polymeric liquids
Seyyed Mostafa Hoseini

The prediction of pressure-volume-temperature (PVT) properties of 6 polymeric liquids using equation of state (EOS) method to be considered. In this paper, the EOS previously developed by Ihm-Song-Mason (ISM) was employed to achieve this goal. Three temperature-dependent parameters appeared in the EOS have been determined based on the alternative scaling constants, dispersive energy parameter between segments (ε) and segment diameter (σ). The ISM EOS has been tested by comparing the results with 609 experimental specific volume data over a broad range of pressures and temperatures, for which their measured values were available in the literature. Our calculations on the volumetric properties of studied liquid polymers reproduce accurately the experimental data. The average absolute deviation (AAD) of the calculated specific volumes from literature data was found to be 0.58%.

Keywords: Equation of state, Polymeric liquids, Specific volume.

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