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Equation of state and melting of some bcc transition metals
S.S. Kushwah, A.K. Upadhyay and M.P. Sharma

The Stacey reciprocal K-primed equation of state (EOS) and the Kushwah EOS have been used in the present study to determine values of pressure, bulk modulus and its pressure derivative for some bcc transition metals viz. W, Ta and Mo down to a compression, V/V0 = 0.7. The results thus obtained are then used to evaluate volume dependence of the Grüneisen parameter using the free-volume theory. Melting of the transition metals has been studied on the basis of the Lindemann-Gilvarry law. It is concluded that the root mean square amplitude of atomic vibrations does not remain a definite fraction of the interatomic distance at melting under changing pressure.

Keywords: Transition metals, Grüneisen parameter, Melting laws, Equation of state, Thermoelastic properties.

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