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Temperature measurements for Ni-Al and Ti-Al phase control in SHS Synthesis and plasma spray processes
Pavel Yu. Gulyaev, Hong-Zhi Cui, Igor P. Gulyaev and Irina V. Milyukova

This study demonstrates a new approach to control of functional materials production using self-propagating high-temperature synthesis (SHS) and thermal spray (TS) technologies. The key element of proposed approach is temperature control at every processing stage using contact-free optical method. Case study of Ni-Al and Ti-Al intermetallic alloys synthesis and plasma spray is presented. The effect of temperature history on phase structure of materials during SHS and plasma spray processes was investigated using high-speed brightness pyrometry, XRD analysis and microhardness tests. It was shown that retention of structural and mechanical properties of studied systems in coatings can be achieved by matching thermal conditions, such as maximum temperatures and temperature gradients, during SH-synthesis with ones TS process.

Keywords: SHS, Plasma spray, Ni-Al, Ti-Al, Phase composition, Temperature, Pyrometry.

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