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Modelling for hardening and softening of nanomaterials due to size reduction
Geeta Sharma And Munish Kumar

A simple theoretical model is developed to study the effect of size for different type of nanomaterials. This includes the hardening, softening, very low effect or no effect at all. To show the real connection with nanomaterials, we have compiled a large number of nanomaterials having different behavior. The example computations have been performed for Ge-I, γ-Fe2O3, AlN and γ-Al2O3. The effect of shape is also included in the model to make it more realistic. The results obtained are compared with the available experimental data. A good agreement between the theory and experiment supports the validity of the model developed.

Keywords: Nanomaterials, Bulk modulus, Hall-Petch Effect, Inverse Hall-Petch Effect, Equation of State

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