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High pressure equation of state for solids
Jeewan Chandra And Kuldeep Kholiya

In the present paper, the isothermal Suzuki’s EOS which is used to study the compression behaviour of solids has been shown to be mathematically inconsistent. It is mentioned that it should be modified to satisfy the basis thermodynamic conditions. The mathematically consistent modified Suzuki’s EOS is applied to study the compression behaviour of different class of solids (MoN, MoN2, Os, γ-SnS, SiC, FeS2, α-SnS and Ge). The results obtained using the thermodynamically consistent formulation i.e. modified Suzuki’s EOS are found to be in better agreement with the experimental data than the mathematically inconsistent Suzuki’s EOS. Pressure dependence of bulk modulus for these solids using the present formulation is also given and discussed.

Keywords: High pressure, Bulk modulus, Equation of state

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