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Density measurements of compressed-liquid dimethyl ether + pentane mixtures
Stephanie L. Outcalt and Eric W. Lemmon

Compressed-liquid densities of three compositions of the binary mixture dimethyl ether (CAS No. 115-10-6) + pentane (CAS No. 109-66-0) have been measured with a vibrating U-tube densimeter. Measurements were made at temperatures from 270 K to 390 K with pressures from 1.0 MPa to 50 MPa. The overall combined uncertainty (k = 2) of the density data is 0.81 kg·m-3. Data presented here have been used to improve a previously formulated Helmholtz energy based mixture model. The newly derived parameters are given.

Keywords: Compressed liquid, dimethyl ether, pentane, vibrating-tube densimeter, Helmholtz energy mixture model.

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