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Density and viscosity of 1-octene + 1-decene mixture at high temperatures and high pressures
Damir I. Sagdeev, Marina G. Fomina, Gabdlnur Kh. Mukhamedzyanov and Ilmutdin M. Abdulagatov

The density and viscosity of binary 1-octene +1-decene mixture (0.444 mole fraction of 1-decene) have been simultaneously measured over the temperature range from (298 to 471) K and at pressures up to 196 MPa using a hydrostatic weighing and falling-body techniques, respectively. The combined expanded uncertainty of the density, pressure, temperature, and viscosity measurements at the 95% confidence level with a coverage factor of k = 2 is estimated to be (0.15 to 0.30)%, 0.05%, 0.02 K, and (1.5 to 2.0)%, respectively. The measured densities and viscosities were used to calculate the excess molar volumes and viscosity differences. The pressure derivatives of the excess molar properties (GEm, HEm, SEm, CEPm) as a function of temperature has been calculated using the derived excess molar volumes. The measured densities and viscosities were used to develop Tait-type equation of state and viscosity correlation model (Arrhenius-Andrade type equation) for the mixture.

Keywords: Density, Excess molar volume, Falling-body method, Hydrostatic weighing method, 1-decene, 1-octene, Tait equation of state, Viscosity

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