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Heat transfer analysis in space heaters with thermal dissipation substrate
Hai-Ping Hu

The aim of the present study is to investigate the two-dimensional heat transfer analysis in arrayed heaters with thermal dissipation substrate. The governing equations for the thermal dissipation substrate and the heat-generating heaters are expressed with Laplace equation and Poisson equation, respectively, and the boundary conditions around the substrate and heaters are Robin conditions. The present investigation first aims to provide a solution in regard to the geometry models by a Series Truncation Method. Then the research will compare the results of the Series Truncation Method with the Point-Matching Method. It is found that the correlation between the two sets of data is quite satisfactory with both of the different methods. However, the Point-matching method is more easily calculated than the Series truncation method.

Keywords: Point-Matching Method, Series Truncation Method, Heater, heat-generating fin

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