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Feasibility study on use of transparent insulation material in South Korea
J. Kim and Y. Yoon

The feasibility study on use of capillary-structured transparent insulation material investigated using two solar test cells at Korea Institute of Energy and Research, Daejeon in South Korea. The solar test cell was designed to measure the changing trends of indoor temperature according to the changes of thermal mass wall as follow: thickness (180 cm and 360 cm) and solar absorptivity (60% and 95%) of thermal mass wall. Solar test cells classified the relative evaluative solar test cell incorporated transparent insulation material and the referential solar test cell incorporated double glazing. The feasibility study was investigated by monitor the outdoor temperature and the inside temperature of two solar test cells: the temperature of air gap, the surface temperature of thermal mass wall behind the air gap, and indoor temperature. The indoor temperature of the relative evaluative STC was higher than that of the referential STC in the wintertime, but the indoor temperatures of solar test cells in May increased from 27ºC to 31ºC, since there is no overheating preventing system.

Keyword: Transparent Insulation Material (TIM), Trombe wall, mass wall, thermal storage wall, passive solar system, solar energy, solar test cell, indirect solar gain

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