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Infinite pressure behaviour of K-primed equations
K. Sunil and B. S. Sharma

An analysis of infinite pressure behavior of the three K-primed equations recently used by Panwar et al (High Temperatures-High Pressures 45, 2016, 299) has been presented. We have determined the third order Grüneisen parameter at infinite pressure for each equation of state using the Shanker expressions in terms of pressure derivatives of bulk modulus. An identity has been used to derive a constraint for the value of third order Grüneisen parameter using the seismological data for the Earth lower mantle and core. This constraint has been used to assess the validity of different K-primed equations. Some other important equations of state such as the Birch-Murnaghan equation of state, the Vinet-Rydberg equation and the Poirier-Tarantola logarithmic equation of state have been discussed.

Keywords: K-primed equations, Infinite pressure behaviour, Third order Grüneisen parameter, Pressure derivatives of bulk modulus.

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