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Non-equilibrium thermal and electrical transport coefficients for hot metals
Juan Luis Domenech-Garret

This work discusses the transport coefficients for non-equilibrium hot metals. First, we review the role of the non-equilibrium Kappa distribution in which the Kappa parameter varies with the temperature. A brief discussion compares such distribution with the classical non-equilibrium function. Later, we analyze the generalized electrical conductivity obtained from the evolution of the Kappa distribution. Also, we reexamine the connection between a material-dependent coefficient which can be extracted from the thermionic emission and the melting point of the metal. We extend previous studies by analyzing additional metals used as thermionic emitters. Finally, in the light of the Wiedemann-Franz Law, we present a new generalized thermal conductivity, which is also applied to several metals.

Keywords: Electrical and Thermal Conductivity, Non-equilibrium, Melting point, Kappa distribution function

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