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Thermal diffusivity and conductivity of ruthenium in the temperature range 200 to 1670 K
Nenad Miloŝević, Erhard Kaschnitz and Gernot Pottlacher

This work presents experimental results of thermal diffusivity and computed values of thermal conductivity of pure polycrystalline ruthenium specimens in the temperature range 200 to 1670 K for diffusivity and 250 to 1650 K for conductivity. The results of thermal diffusivity were obtained by an interlaboratory comparison using the laser flash method. A brief description of the two measuring systems applied is given. Specimens were disk shaped, 2 and 3 mm in thickness and 10 and 12.5 mm in diameter. Literature data are used to correct for thermal expansion of the specimens. All the values obtained from the individual laboratories as well as a polynomial fit to the results over the entire temperature range are presented and compared with results found in the literature. By using the thermal diffusivity data and previously measured results of specific heat capacity of different pure polycrystalline ruthenium specimens, the values of ruthenium thermal conductivity are estimated and presented together with related literature data.

Keywords: High temperatures, laser flash method, ruthenium, thermal conductivity, thermal diffusivity, thermophysical properties, wide temperature range

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