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Radiative transfer and its impact on determination of thermal diffusivity in thin films
O. Yu. Troitsky and H. Reiss

This paper extends the recently introduced Front Face Flash Method for extraction of thermal diffusivity of thin films to samples of small optical thickness. The paper discusses the principal question whether diffusivity is uniquely defined in case a heated ceramic, thin film sample is non- or only partly transparent to radiation. The paper applies radiative Monte Carlo and Two-Flux simulations to numerically solve the Equation of Radiative Transfer. Both methods are integrated in a Finite Element scheme, with conduction coupled to radiation, to investigate the heat transfer problem under strongly transient and non-linear conditions. The Front Face Flash method is applied to ZrO2– and SiC samples. The approach is particularly suitable for analysis of coupled conduction/radiation processes arising in industrial situations.

Keywords: Radiation coupled to conduction heat transfer, non-equilibrium states, Monte Carlo simulation, Two flux model, optical thickness, thermal diffusivity, remote sensing

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