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Thermodynamic properties and electrical conductivity of copper and magnesium near critical point of liquid-vapor phase transition and metal-nonmetal transition
A. Emelyanov, D. Shakhray and A. Golyshev

Study of thermodynamic parameters of copper and magnesium in near critical point region of liquid-vapor phase transition and predicted metal–nonmetal transition was carried out. The measurements of electrical conductivity of the investigated metals after shock compression and expansion in gas (helium) medium at different final pressure were carried out. The electrical conductivity of expanded copper and magnesium is 104–106 times lower than the electrical conductivity of ones under normal conditions. It was discovered that registration of time dependence of electrical resistivity of the expanded metals provides of estimating their density in the near-critical point region of liquid-vapor phase transition.

Keywords: critical point, liquid-vapor phase transition, metal–nonmetal transition, copper, magnesium, shock wave

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