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Equation of state, thermal expansivity, and Grüneisen parameter for MgO at high temperatures and high pressures
S. Rekha, K. Sunil and B. S. Sharma

We have used the Stacey K-primed equation of state to determine pressure-volume-temperature relationships for MgO up to a temperature of 3000 K and pressure of 225 GPa. Values of bulk modulus and its pressure derivative are also obtained for the entire range of temperatures and pressures considered in the present study. We have also investigated the thermoelastic properties of MgO at high temperatures and high pressures using the results based on the equation of state. The pressure dependence of thermal expansivity and the Grüneisen parameter both are determined using the formulations which satisfy the thermodynamic constraints at infinite pressure.

Keywords: Equation of state, Bulk modulus, Thermal expansivity, Grüneisen parameter, MgO, Infinite pressure behaviour

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